Impact & Sustainable Investing

“As of year-end 2015, more than one out of every five dollars under professional management in the United States—$8.72 trillion or more—was invested according to sustainable, responsible and impact strategies. Up 33% over the prior 2 year period.”

Ault & Company, Inc. supports the rapid change and growth in sustainable and impact investing. Our companies, MTIX and my4, provide the sustainable investment community with clear opportunities to participate in the change that is occurring worldwide. Our ownership in these companies we believe demonstrate our commitment and support for the continued growth of this rapidly evolving investment sector.

MTIX, establishes a New Standard for Innovation in Textile Processing, utilizing MSLE® Technology for the Treatment of Fabrics. 

MTIX Ltd. is an advanced materials and processing technology company located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK. The company has developed a proprietary patented technology that provides a highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly material synthesis process for textiles, 

Natural & Synthetic Textiles Eco-Friendly

Multiplexed Laser Surface Enhancement “MLSE®” technology utilizes combined high power pulsed UV laser and high frequency electrical discharge plasma, to create a high energy reaction zone at substrate interface, promoting rapid synthesis to achieve the required functional treatments. To support through investment, reference its parent company’s Ticker, OTC:AVLP.